Compound Andrographis paniculata Fufang Chuanxinlian Pian

  • 【Drug Name】
    Usage name: Compound Chuanxinlian Tablet Pinyin: Fufang Chuanxinlian Pian
  • 【Ingredients】Andrographis paniculata, roadside green. Accessories: starch, sucrose
  • 【Properties】This product is a sugar-coated tablet. After removing the sugar coating, it is brown to dark brown; bitter taste
  • 【Indications】Clearing away heat and detoxifying, dampness. Used for wind-heat cold, sore throat, damp-heat diarrhea
  • 【Specifications】Each tablet weighs 0.23g (film-coated tablets)
  • 【Dosage】oral. 4 tablets at a time, 3 times a day
  • 【Storage】seal
  • 【Package】Plastic bottle packaging. 100 tablets per bottle


Compound Andrographis paniculata

【Drug Name】

    Common name: Compound Andrographis paniculata tablets

    Chinese Pinyin: Fufang Chuanxinlian Pian

[Into parts] Andrographis, roadside green.

[Of ] product is film-coated tablets, remove the coating significantly tan to dark brown; bitter.

[Functions] Clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and dampness. Used for wind-heat cold, throat paralysis, mumps, hot and humid

            Diarrhea, etc.

[Specification ] Each tablet weight of 0.23 g of (film-coated tablets)

[Usage and Dosage] Oral. 4 tablets at a time , 3 times a day.

[Adverse Reaction] It is not clear.

[Ban bogey is not clear.

[Notice] It is not clear.

[Storage ] sealed (10 ~ 30 ℃).

[Package installed] plastic bottles. 100 tablets per bottle .

[There is validity period] 24 months.

[Executive Standard] State Food and Drug Administration, National Drug Standard WS 3 -B-3624-98-1

[Approval number] National Pharmaceutical Standard Z44021304