Compound Southern Banlangen pills | Fufang Nanbanlangen Pian

  • 【Drug Name】Name of Use: Compound
    Nanban Langen Tablet Pinyin: Fufang Nanbanlangen Pian
  • 【Ingredients】Southern Banlangen, Purple Ding Di, Dandelion
  • 【Properties】This product is a sugar-coated tablet. After the sugar coating is removed, it appears brown; it is sweet, bitter, and slightly astringent
  • 【Indications】Anti-inflammatory and detoxification. Used for mumps, pharyngitis, mastitis, boils and swelling
  • 【Specifications】
  • 【Dosage】oral. 3 tablets at a time, 3 times a day
  • 【Storage】Seal (10~30℃)
  • 【Package】Packed in medical high-density polyethylene bottles. 60 tablets per bottle.


Compound Southern Banlangen Tablets

【Drug Name】

Common name: Compound Nanban Langen Tablets

Chinese Pinyin: Fufang Nanbanlangen Pian

[Into parts] South Radix, violet, dandelion.

[Of ] product is sugar-coated tablet, remove the sugar coating, significantly tan; sweet, bitter, slightly astringent.

【Functions】 Anti-inflammatory and detoxification. Used for mumps, pharyngitis, mastitis, boils and swelling.

【Usage and dosage】 Oral. 3 tablets at a time , 3 times a day .

[Adverse Reactions] Not clear.

[Ban bogey is not clear.

[Notice] It is not clear.

[Storage ] sealed ( 10 ~ 30 deg.] C).

[Package installed] pharmaceutically acceptable HDPE bottles. 60 tablets per bottle.

[Validity Period] 24 months.

[Executive Standard] “The People’s Republic of China Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Standards Chinese Traditional Medicine Prescription Preparations” fifth volume WS 3 -B-0971-91

【Approval number】 National Pharmaceutical Standard Z44021410