Fufang Yiganling Jiaonang | Compound Yiganling capsule

  • 【Drug Name】Use name: Compound
    Yiganling Capsule Pinyin: Fufang Yiganling Jiaonang
  • 【Ingredients】Silymarin and Wurenol extract.
  • 【Properties】This product is a hard capsule, the contents are brown particles and a little powder; bitter taste.
  • 【Indications】Benefit liver and kidney, detoxification and dampness. It is used for flank pain caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, wet and poisonous unclear.
  • 【Specifications】Each capsule contains 0.2g (water silymarin is 21mg in terms of silybin)
  • 【Dosage】oral. Take 4 capsules at a time, 3 times a day, after meals.
  • 【Storage】Sealed and protected from light.
  • 【Package】Aluminum-plastic packaging. 48 capsules per box.


Compound Yiganling Capsules

Please read the instructions carefully and use under the guidance of a physician

【Drug Name】

Common name: Compound Yiganling Capsule

Chinese Pinyin: Fufang Yiganling Jiaonang

To [ parts] silymarin, Nuts alcohol extract.

[Sexual like] product is hard capsule, the contents of brown particles and little powder; taste bitter.

【Functional Indications】Benefit liver and nourish kidney, detoxify and eliminate dampness. It is used for dysmenorrhea caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency and unexplained dampness. Symptoms include dysmenorrhea, anorexia, abdominal distension, backache fatigue, and urinary yellow; for chronic hepatitis, see those syndromes.

[Specification Specification] Each tablets 0.2g (aqueous silymarin in terms of silybin 21mg)

[Usage and Dosage] Oral. Once 4 tablets a day 3 times after meals.

[Adverse Reaction] It is not clear.

[Forbidden Taboo is not clear.

[Notice] It is not clear.

[Storage possession] sealed, protected from light.

[Package installed] plastic packaging. 48 capsules per box .

[There Validity period】24- months

[Executive Standard] State Food and Drug Administration, National Drug Standard YBZ24072005-2015Z-2 and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition

[Approval number] National Pharmaceutical Standard Z20050859


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