Guanxin Suhe Capsules | Guanxin Suhe Jiaonang



Guanxin Suhe Capsules

Please read the instructions carefully and use under the guidance of a physician

Pregnant women disabled

【Drug Name】

Common name: Guanxin Suhe Capsule

Chinese Pinyin: Guanxin Suhe Jiaonang

To [ parts] Styrax, borneol, vinegar frankincense, sandalwood, elecampane.

[Sexual like] product is hard capsule, the contents of a pale brown powder or brown to yellow brown granules and powders; gas aroma, taste, cool.

【Functional indications】Liqi, wide chest, pain relief. It is used for chest paralysis caused by cold stagnation and qi stagnation and impaired heart. Symptoms are chest tightness and precordial pain; coronary heart disease and angina pectoris are seen in the above syndromes.

[Specifications Specification] Each tablets 0.35g

【Usage and dosage】Contain or swallow. 2 capsules at a time , 1 to 3 times a day . Take before bedtime or when you get sick.

[Adverse Reaction] It is not clear.

[Forbidden Taboo pregnant women, disabled.

[Notice] It is not clear.

[Storage ] sealed (at room temperature 10 ~ 30 ℃).

[Package installed Oral solid pharmaceutical HDPE bottles. 90 capsules per bottle .

[There is validity period] 24 months.

【Executive Standards】2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia

[Approval number] National Pharmaceutical Standard Z44022207