How to preserve Chinese patent medicines?

Many people worry that western medicine has certain side effects, so they tend to take proprietary Chinese medicines. However, it takes time to take proprietary Chinese medicines. Only in this way can the medicine be better. At the same time, what we need to master is how to distinguish whether proprietary Chinese medicines have deteriorated. Let’s learn more about it below.

Time of taking Chinese patent medicine

There are so many varieties of proprietary Chinese medicines, how can we maximize health effects? In general, the determination of the time of administration should be based on the needs of the disease, and the principle of exerting the preventive and therapeutic effects of the drug as much as possible to reduce adverse reactions. General oral medicine without special regulations, divided into 2~3 times a day, once in the morning, evening or 0.5~1 hour after dinner. Tonics are generally taken before meals to facilitate absorption. Yin tonic drugs should be taken once at night to improve the efficacy. Critical and severe medications should be administered in time. In order to ensure the continued effectiveness of the drug, the required amount of medication should be given in divided doses as appropriate. Anti-epidemic drugs should be given in time to prevent the evil from being caused by others. If the condition permits, the anti-sweat medicine should be given before noon (about 11 o’clock) at the time of yang. It can adapt to the rising and rising of Yang Qi and help the medicine to drive away evil and disease. Sedative sleeping pills should be given 1 to 2 hours before bedtime.

How to store the most appropriate Chinese medicine after purchasing it?

Preservation method of Chinese patent medicine

Every time the storage temperature of the medicine increases by 10°C, the chemical reaction speed in the medicine will increase by 3 to 4 times, which will cause the medicines that are still within the validity period to become substandard medicines. Therefore, the medicine must be stored strictly in accordance with the storage conditions on the instructions. Room temperature generally refers to 10°C~30°C; the shade does not exceed 20°C, and the cold place refers to 2~10°C. Recently, as the temperature rises, do not leave the Chinese patent medicine in the car for a long time, let alone put it on the car engine. It is especially worth noting that the commonly referred to as “refrigeration” refers to storage in a cold place (2~10°C), not freezing. Too low a temperature can cause some medicines to become inactivated.

However, not all proprietary Chinese medicines are heat-resistant, with the exception of Chinese herbal syrups and Chinese herbal creams. The traditional Chinese medicine syrup will precipitate and crystallize when placed at low temperature, which will make the concentration of the medicine uneven, resulting in inaccurate dosage when taking it, and will affect the efficacy. Once the temperature of traditional Chinese medicine cream is too low, it will cause the stratification of the matrix and affect the efficacy. These medicines are recommended to be stored at room temperature.

Secondly, the quality of proprietary Chinese medicines is not only affected by temperature, but also by sunlight, humidity, air, etc. Therefore, avoid placing proprietary Chinese medicines on windowsills and other places exposed to direct sunlight, and keep them sealed. If the environment is humid, place the medicines Store in a dry and cool place.

Finally, let me teach you how to distinguish whether proprietary Chinese medicines have deteriorated.

How to distinguish the deterioration of Chinese patent medicine

Observe its shape. Those who lose their fixed shape, such as the original powdery or granular form, are now sticking into a lump or deliquescent into a paste, or the capsule becomes flat and uneven, and the hand feels wet and sticky are all signs of deterioration.

Look at it. Discoloration of tablets, capsules, sugar-coated tablets, liquids, and syrups are signs of deterioration.

Taste it. If the syrup becomes sour, the pill or tablet with peculiar smell is the result of deterioration.

Smell it. Proprietary Chinese medicines have their own unique smell, and if there is a rancidity and moldy smell, it is also the result of deterioration.

You must first understand your symptoms before taking proprietary Chinese medicines.

February 19, 2015 Chinese patent medicine
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