Morpholine hydrochloride pills | Yansuan Malingua Pian

  • 【Drug Name】Use name:
    Morinoguanidine hydrochloride pills Pinyin: Yansuan Malingua Pian
  • 【Ingredients】The main component of this product is morpholine hydrochloride. The chemical name is: NN-(2-guanidino-ethylimino)-morpholine hydrochloride.
  • 【Properties】This product is a white film.
  • 【Indications】Used for influenza virus and herpes virus infection.
  • 【Specifications】0.1g
  • 【Dosage】oral. Adult: 0.2g once, 3-4 times a day. Pediatrics: Take 10mg/kg a day and take 3 times.
  • 【Storage】Shading, sealed and stored.
  • 【Package】Packed in plastic bottles, 100 tablets per bottle.


Morpholine hydrochloride Pills

【Drug Name】

Common name: morpholine hydrochloride pills

Ying Wen name: Moroxydine Hydrochloride Pills

Chinese Pinyin: Yansuan Malingua Pian

[Ingredients] The main ingredient of this product is morpholine hydrochloride. Chemical name: NN- (2- guanidino – ethyl imino ) – morpholine hydrochloride.

【Molecular formula】C 6 H 13 N 5 O · HCl

【Molecular weight】207.66

【Character】 This product is white.

[Indications] For influenza virus and herpes virus infection.


[Usage and Dosage] Oral. Adult: 0.2g once , 3-4 times a day . Pediatrics: Take 10mg/kg a day and take 3 times.

[Adverse reactions] can cause sweating, loss of appetite and hypoglycemia.

【Taboo】 Forbid people who are allergic to this product.

【Precautions】 Prohibit the use of this product’s properties.

【Medication for pregnant women and lactating women】 It is not clear.

【Children’s Medication】 It is not clear.

【Elderly Medicine】 It is not clear.

[Drug interaction] It is not clear.

【Overdose】It is not clear.

[Pharmacology and Toxicology] This product can inhibit the DNA and RNA polymerase of the virus, thereby inhibiting the reproduction of the virus. On human embryonic kidney cells, the 1% concentration has significant inhibitory effects on DNA viruses ( adenovirus, herpes virus ) and RNA viruses ( ecovirus ) , as well as various stages of the virus proliferation cycle. No direct effect on free virus particles.

[Pharmacokinetics] is not clear.

[Storage] shading, sealed and stored.

【Packing】 100 bottles per bottle .

[Validity Period] 24 months.

【Executive Standard】WS-10001-(HD-0650)-2002

[Approval number] National Pharmaceutical Standard H44024608