Shuangmei lozenges Pills | Shuangmei Houpian

  • 【Drug Name】
    Usage name : Shuangmei Lozenge Pinyin: Shuangmei Houpian
  • 【Ingredients】Gangmei, asparagus root, peppermint oil. The auxiliary materials are: sucrose and maltose.
  • 【Properties】This product is light brown to brown flakes; aroma, sweet, cool, slightly bitter.
  • 【Indications】Clearing away heat and detoxification, relieving thirst. Used for sore throat
  • 【Specifications】Each tablet weighs 2 grams
  • 【Dosage】With service, 1 tablet at a time, 4-6 times a day.
  • 【Storage】seal
  • 【Package】Composite film packaging. 24 pieces per box


Shuangmei lozenges Pills

 [ Drug Name ]
generic name: bis plum lozenges
Pinyin: Shuangmei Houpian
[ into parts ] asprella, water bayberry root, peppermint oil. The auxiliary materials are: sucrose and maltose. [ Sexual shaped ] The product is light brown to brown substrate ; air fragrant, sweet, cool, slightly bitter. [ Functional indications ] Clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving thirst. It is used for sore throat and wind and heat. [ Gauge lattice ] each weighing 2 g of [ Dosage ] sublingual , once . 1 sheet day 4 ~ 6 times. [ Adverse Reaction ] It is not clear. Ban bogey ]   is not clear.

[ Precautions ]  1. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, spicy and fishy food.  2. It is not advisable to take warm supplementary Chinese medicine at the same time while taking the medicine.  3. Pregnant women use with caution.  4. Diabetes patients and children should be taken under the guidance of a physician.  5. People who have cold, sore throat, cold, fever, no sweat, and runny nose should be used with caution.  6. No symptoms relieved after taking the medicine for days, you should go to the hospital for treatment.  7. For those who are allergic to this product, those with allergies should be used with caution.  8. It is forbidden to use when the properties of this product are changed.  9. Children must be used under adult supervision.  10. Keep this product out of the reach of children.  11. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician or pharmacist before using this product. 

[ Drug Interaction ] If it is used with other drugs at the same time, drug interaction may occur, please consult a physician or pharmacist for details. [ Storage possession ] seal. [ Package installed ] composite film packaging. 24 pieces per box

[ Validity period ] 24 months .
[ Executive Standards ] Standards of the State Food and Drug Administration (Trial) YBZ02602005
[ Approval Number ] National Pharmaceutical Standard Z 20053265