What are the differences between traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine is a big concept. It is basically all the drugs that doctors use to treat and prevent diseases under the guidance of TCM theory, including plant medicine, animal medicine, minerals and so on.

Chinese patent medicine, commonly known as patent medicine, is basically after processing can be directly used to, tablets and so on.

There is also a word juxtaposed with Chinese patent medicines. Decoction pieces are semi-finished products, which are the bulk goods sold by weight in pharmacies and the medicines that have to be boiled at home.

The meaning of traditional Chinese Medicine

In ancient times, the traditional medicine used in clinic of traditional Chinese medicine was called medicine or poison for short. The word “traditional Chinese medicine” appeared in the middle and late Qing Dynasty more than 100 years ago. It was after western medicine was introduced into China. In order to distinguish it from western medicine, traditional medicine was called traditional Chinese medicine.

Now it is generally believed that traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of medicine that is understood and used under the guidance of TCM theory (including four Qi and five flavors, meridian tropism, processing, etc.). No matter who uses it, no matter which country it is produced from, whether it is natural or chemical synthesis, as long as it meets this standard, it is a traditional Chinese medicine. On the other hand, even natural drugs produced in China are not necessarily traditional Chinese medicine.

Let’s briefly talk about the terms of traditional Chinese medicine, decoction pieces and proprietary Chinese medicine

1. Except for a few artificial products, most of them come from natural plants, animals and minerals. These traditional Chinese medicine resources, which have just been collected from nature, are simply treated by clean and dry places of origin, without special processing and processing, and can not be directly used for formulation and preparation.

2. In ancient times, Chinese herbal medicine was mainly boiled into decoction and then drunk, thus the term “Yinpian” appeared. It has always been necessary to reprocess traditional Chinese medicine according to its nature and clinical needs, so that it can be directly used in preparation and prescription after special soaking.

3. Chinese patent medicine Chinese patent medicine is an excellent prescription with safe and effective clinical application and good universality. It can be classical prescription, ancient prescription or modern empirical prescription. The characteristics of the drug in the prescription should be considered, such as whether the effective ingredient is soluble in water, whether it can be crushed after drying, and combined with the clinical requirements of the prescription, such as the speed of treatment In order to facilitate storage, carrying and taking, such preparations are called Chinese patent medicines.

Chinese patent medicine means ready-made medicine made of traditional Chinese medicine. The production of Chinese patent medicine must comply with the laws and regulations of drug administration. At present, there are two kinds of Chinese patent medicines, which are registered by the State Food and Drug Administration and allowed to be produced or sold on the market, and the products prepared by medical units according to the standards and can only be used in the hospital.

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